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God speaks through His creation

GOD's turtle 1.jpg
GOD's turtle 2.jpg

Romans 1:20 was started in the Fall of 2018.  Though things were going smoothly at first, by the Spring 2019, it seemed we had "hit a wall".  Things were not happening as planned and we also were struggling to find a logo that captured the "attributes of God in His creation". 


As we were driving in to Church, a box turtle was in the middle of the road.  Since box turtles are really rare in our area, we stopped and helped it to the side of the road.  As is common for us, we took a picture of her and also counted the rings on her scutes to see how old she was (17 years old). 


When we were in church, we showed our friend the picture of the turtle because it was a rare find.  After looking at the picture, she asked if we saw what was written on the side of the turtle.  Confused that the shell would say anything, we looked and saw the word "GOD".  And what was the teaching at church that morning?  "Waiting on God".  Amazing!   


What is even more incredible, another friend asked if we saw the number on the top of the turtle's shell...???   The number "33" - which some equate to God's promise. 


So God was telling us to be patient and to trust in His promises. God definitely speaks.   And, we got our logo!  The invisible attributes of "God", clearly seen in His creation.

For a really mind-blowing thought, remember that the turtle was at least 17 years old?  That means God knew that we would cross her path more than 17 years ago when He created her.   Awesome.

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